Upgrade & Modernisation of the Vocational Education System in Ghana, involving 34 Vocational Training Institutions (VTIs), Head Office, 10 Regional Offices & 5 Apprenticeship Offices.

Project Highlights
Country / Location
Ministry of Education, Ghana
24 Months
Ghana has experienced an increasing emigration of capable workers, draining the country of its skilled workforce. Developmental disparities also continue to drive Ghanaians from the north to the south, particularly to its urban centres.

Combined with an inadequate skilling infrastructure and a gap in the demand supply of skilled manpower, this had resulted in low numbers of qualified workers being available, a significant problem for Ghanaian industry.

Acknowledging the need to reform the education sector, the Ministry of Education, Ghana partnered with Planet One to in 2019 to upgraded and transformed National Vocational Training Institutes (NVTIs). Planet One’s interventions resulted in doubling the capacities across NVTIs with modern infrastructure, well-equipped industrial workshops, industry-aligned curriculum and content across 26 trades, nation-wide training of trainers and provision of technology-led education delivery. Today Ghana has a more industry-oriented and skilled workforce that will help the economy to grow at a much faster pace.

Planet One successfully completed the project in 2022 - a remarkable achievement despite the pandemic.

Sustainable Solutions: Reliable and Clean Energy

We believe that providing reliable and clean energy will help the Government and communities in driving towards self-sustainment and social empowerment.

Planet One signed a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Ministry of Energy – Sierra Leone.

We will own and operate the 50 MW Solar Project and will sell power to The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority under the PPA.

The project will be spread across 5 locations across land parcel of 250 acres and it is one of the largest integrated solar projects in Sierra Leone. The project will generate 100MU’s annually.

Despite the epidemic COVID-19, rising inflation and disrupted supply chain, Planet One will complete the project within the stipulated timelines. The detailed planning, project execution capabilities and technical experience helped to overcome the challenges posed by geographical location, land conditions, machinery and manpower mobilization.

The project on completion will provide clean and reliable energy and reduce carbon emission by 75,000 Tonnes per annum.

Development of 32 Polytechnic Institutes in Ghana

Project Highlights
Country / Location
Ministry of Education, Ghana
33 Months*
To sustain the growth of its economy, the Government of Ghana recognized the pivotal role of education to emerge from a weather and market-dependent agricultural economy to a self-sustainable, semi-industrial one.

Significant investments in the TVET sector have therefore been made, strengthening the educational institutions which are critical drivers for Ghana’s industrialisation plans.

After the successful implementation of the National Vocational Training Institutes (NVTIs) project, the Government of Ghana has once again chosen Planet One Group as partner for this prestigious project to develop 32 state-of-the-art Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) Centres.

Focusing on generating a sustainable source of skilled workforce to meet industry demands, this landmark project will have a significant socio-economic impact on Ghana.

The project offers skill programmes for more than 33 trades from 11 different sectors, including Agriculture, Automobile, Construction, Information Technology, Creative Arts, Electrical Engineering, Hospitality and Tourism, Beauty and Healthcare, and Mechanical Engineering. The project is expected to add a yearly training capacity of more than 8,700 training aspirants and create a pool of 40,000 job-ready youngsters by 2024.

Examination Solutions

The current need of the Education System is to have a comprehensive examination and assessment system that tracks the learning path for every student. This requires an online responsive assessment system with standardized competency-based test modules to assess the core competency areas.

Planet One’s examination solution covers country-wide examination systems of nations. It is an integrated solution for the administration of courses, examinations and assessment, including both vocational and academic structures. The solution offers complete solutions for Examination Councils for registration to assessment to certificate processing and offers accurate historical data with relevant reports.

Planet One has implemented the Examination solutions in several countries in Asia, Africa and Caribbean in the past and it is being implemented currently at The Bahamas, Lesotho and Zambia. The current examination solution roll out has a coverage of 12,637 schools spread across 158 districts with more than 7.3 million primary and secondary school students taking the examinations in a calendar year, as given below:
Country Name No. of districts No. of Schools Coverage Number of students taking examination
The Bahamas 21 496 87,421
Lesotho 10 236 95,355
Zambia 127 11905 7,192,999
Grand Total 158 12,637 7,375,775
This has benifitted the governments immensly as the solution gathers useful analytical insights, which also helps to improve the quality of the course curriculum and teachers’ instructional effectiveness.