Thinking Minds. Transforming Nations.

Planet One Education enables governments deliver nationwide transformation of their education systems.

Its solutions provide a better future across the globe, by implementing innovations for the entire education spectrum, from K-12 to Employability and Higher Education.

With its rich experience and market-relevant products, Planet One Education is increasingly becoming a partner of first choice for nations, working with governments to build educational ecosystems that focus on long-term social and economic development.

Our interventions address the key challenges in the education sector through Accessibility and Inclusion, Increasing Capacity and Enrolment, Enhanced Learning Experience and Improving Employability.

Employability Education

Governments see skills education as crucial for industrial development and economic growth. Quality employability education enhances problem-solving, lifelong learning and productivity; boosting economic growth.

Vocational Training
Centres and Polytechnics
Planet One has the capability to provide solutions for more than 50 Industrial and Non-Industrial trades.
Centre of Excellence (COE)
Develop COEs to create competencies, qualifications and capacities focused on specific sectors, such as ICT, Energy, Automobile, Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Construction, amongst many others.
International Skill Assessment Centre
Planet One identifies the need to offer internationally recognised skill assessment and certifications, ensuring that qualified students leaving their country will be eligible for jobs globally.
Teacher Training and Assessment
Today, training the faculty is as important as training the students. Teachers and trainers need ongoing support and assessment of their skills and knowledge. In collaboration with globally recognised institutions, we provide learning platform for hundreds of education professionals globally.
Business Incubation Centre
Many students leaving a TVET institution secure jobs in industry. However, there are some who wish to start their own business. Through its Business Incubation Centre model, Planet One Education provides a unique ecosystem that nurtures global talents to start and grow their businesses.

School Education (K-12)

A robust school education ecosystem builds a strong academic and technical foundation for a country’s youth. Planet One offers a wide range of educational solutions across teaching, learning, assessment, and governance for the kindergarten to Class 12 (K-12) sector. We specialize across the following interventions to improve K-12 systems world-wide.

Kindergarten with Special Education Needs

Providing a holistic approach for Early Years Learning by setting up kindergarten schools with Early Childhood Foundation solutions focused on age-appropriate classrooms and activity-based learning for the kids.

In addition, we offer Inclusive Education and Early Detection of Disability for students with special needs, supported by an Individualised Education Programme (IEP).

Planet One Model Schools

Establishing model schools that follow international standards for infrastructure designs, laboratories, technology, assessment methodologies and teaching standards.

These world-standard schools have sustainable infrastructure and are equipped with technology driven teaching and learning solutions, catering to large student population at primary, middle and secondary levels.

Secondary-Technical Schools (Vocationalisation of School Education)

Planet One provides a model for secondary schools with TVET embedded within them, so that students can get oriented towards various vocational skills in addition to their regular academics lessons.

STEM Education

We believe that the future education system must promote innovative learning by emphasising on STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math).

Our STEAM education suit combines disciplinary courses with comprehensive applied-learning programmes, promoting a practical learning experience through four key, applied-learning attributes – Competency-driven, Inquiry-based, Problem-centred and Integrated solutions.

Planet One STEAM education suite integrates real-world data, simulations and pictorial aids to encourage students to make connections, explore concepts and be active learners, thus empowering them to be successful. The Planet One STEAM education suit is a revolutionary technology-enabled solution which is highly interactive and focuses on learners’ development on basic applications as well as emerging sectors like aviation and aerospace, industry 4.0, AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming & Comic), artificial intelligence, blockchain, Robotics, Web 3.0, computer coding & software development amongst many others.

Teacher Assessment & Capacity Building

Our teacher professional development program is based on insights gleaned from extensive research and enables teachers to gain more control over the teaching learning process.

It begins with our robust web and mobile based teacher competency assessment application which evaluates teachers on their subject, pedagogical and analytical knowledge; records the growth trajectory of teachers’ skill levels; and periodically tests teachers’ performance.

This enables Planet One to make data-driven decision making to provide appropriate teacher professional development support and intervention programs followed by certification that is renowned across the globe.

Technology Solutions

Planet One’s Learning Management System (LMS) allows institutions and sub-systems to maintain seamless synergy under the digital learning infrastructure, enabling institutions, teachers and students to draw on an evolving set of native and integrated tools to support offline, digital and blended learning.

LMS is the backbone for most of the education intervention solutions of Planet One and come with key features including:

• Web-based & Mobile Application (Android & iOS) based view for School/Institution Administrator/, Teacher, Parent and Student.
• Highly Modular - Cloud-based Plug and Play Model and easy for API integration with third-party applications.
• Curriculum-agnostic, multilingual portal with essential features such as:
o Creation and updating of digital learning content
o Exam & assessment module
o Online library
o Customised planner
o Gamification of content and one-stop communication
• Customised User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) for different learners’ groups.
• Provision of data analytics – AI-powered student performance assessment and monitoring.

It is imperative for education systems to have a comprehensive examination and assessment system tracking the learning path for every student.

This requires an online responsive assessment system with standardised competency-based test modules to assess the core competency areas.

Planet One’s examination solution is an integrated solution for the administration of courses, examinations and assessment, covering country-wide examination systems for both K-12 and TVET segments.

It has been implemented in several countries across Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, delivering a coverage of 12,637 schools across 158 districts, involving more than 7.3 million primary and secondary school students taking the examinations every calendar year.

KG with Special Education Needs
Model Schools
Secondary-Technical Schools
STEM Education
Teacher Assessment & Capacity Building
Technology Solutions

Higher Education

The education bouquet offered by Planet One Education includes delivery of state-of-the-art higher education infrastructure and outcome-based learning ecosystem for students globally.

Planet One Group has partnered with the University of Stirling to establish a Centre of Excellence (COE) in UAE, offering internationally recognized undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Planet One and University of Stirling’s pioneering spirit and passion for innovation has resulted in the creation of bespoke courses to suit the academic requirement of local industry and preferences of the local community. Planet One also works closely with Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) to enable students with vertical and horizontal mobility in their learning path. Based on the grades achieved in the SQA qualifications, students graduating from SQA UAE Campus will have the opportunity to take direct entry to the second or third year of a related undergraduate degree at the University of Stirling or any other SQA-approved Universities.

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Agriculture-focused Training Solutions

It is critical for countries to preserve and strengthen their food and nutritional security by educating small and marginal farmers with sustainable and resilient farming techniques..

Farm Services Centres
Planet One's FSCs empower small and marginal farmers through training, access to technology, mechanization, storage & processing facilities, and long-term off-take agreements. The goal is to improve yields & incomes of farmers, create sustainable & resilient agriculture sector, and strengthen the entire agriculture value-chain.
Agriculture High Schools
Planet One develops Agriculture High Schools (AHSs), with state-of-the-art facilities to train and empower students, educating them in modern agricultural practices, and generating a pool of skilled youths and entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector.
Overall Upgrade & Modernisation of the Vocational Education System in Ghana
Development of 32 Polytechnic Institutes in Ghana