Delivering sustainable solutions for positive societal outcomes

The inspiration behind Planet One Group is our philosophy “From Imagination to Impact”.

This principle drives us to continually innovate, creatively and efficiently, thereby delivering solutions which positively impact the lives of people around the world. By working closely with Governments who can take advantage of our R&D expertise and tech-based solutions, we help them to achieve their nation-building goals.

Tailormade solutions

There is no blueprint, no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Every project we undertake is different, requiring a specific approach tailored to its objectives. Starting from scratch, we build sustainable and world-class social infrastructure, providing a foundation to leverage technology and deliver excellence.

Laying the foundations

We’ve made positive impacts on developing societies through our innovations in Education, Energy, Agriculture, and Natural Resources, sectors which play pivotal roles in laying the foundation for the rapid growth and prosperity of nations. Today, we’re proud to deliver successful societal outcomes across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


To create innovative and sustainable solutions that can have an impact on traditional industry standards, whilst positively influencing societies and impacting nations.

A holistic approach

Planet One’s work ethic has shifted accepted industry norms; the technology-based solutions we once used have now evolved into end-to-end holistic solutions, and our solutions are accessible to everyone, regardless of the strata of society they are from. Our solutions provide developing nations with access to:
World-class academic training that provides employment while enhancing their living standards
Widespread electrification of rural areas through the use of renewable energy
Innovative technology that boosts crop production for small farmers
Enhanced livelihood opportunities for locals through safe mining practices
We’ve built lasting relationships with communities in all the countries we operate in, and implement innovative Public Private Partnership (PPP) models on a nationwide scale, resulting in long-term, impactful solutions.


Our mission is to deliver solutions that transcend generations by impacting their means of livelihood and quality of life.