Sohum Wellness

Heal Yourself to Happiness

Sohum Wellness started its operations under the brand name 'Sohum' as an attempt to strike a balance between the pursuit of wellness and quest for healing in our chaotic life. Over the years, we have proffered indigenous wellness practices worldwide and emerged as one of the leading luxury wellness brands.

We redefine luxury wellness by emphasizing on holistic experiences that elevate our guests, take them on a euphoria of senses and introduce them to a deeper, truer understanding of their inner reflections.

As a premium luxury wellness and spa brand, Sohum Wellness combines the best of traditional Indian Ayurvedic therapies with western ideologies.

We, at Sohum, reawaken the passion for integrated wellness and a healthier community. We curate bespoke wellness sanctuaries which offer a private haven to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul across incredible paradises.

Experience Luxe Wellness in perfect harmony with Ayurveda

Deeply engraved in the ancient Asian treasures lies the secret to holistic wellness; a simple key to unlock physical health and inner peace within the complex human construct. Ayurveda.

We have years of intricate understanding of this elemental balance and integrated well-being. We have extracted the wholesome goodness of Ayurveda to bring it to the world as luxe wellness

At our bespoke wellness sanctuaries, through the knowledge of our doctors, therapists and Ayurvedic practitioners, we heal mind - body - spirit in an environment of generous opulence. We are Sohum.

Embracing the universe, healing the world

Our wellness programmes and therapies are carefully curated to embrace everyone. Our most elite clients and wellness connoisseurs place immense trust in our authentic recuperation methods, and our patrons across the globe enjoy the immense benefits from our world-class healing techniques. Once touched by our luxury wellness, they leave Sohum forever transformed.

Sohum – A mirror to our journey

‘SOHUM’ is a vedic mantra; a potent chant of ‘I am That’

Our name guides a breathing pattern; a meditative road to deep breaths that build focus and concentration.

Hence Sohum Wellness has become a mantra too. We had our genesis in the early 2000s, with a philosophy of an earnest quest for holistic health.
Ours is a journey to harness the powers of Ayurveda to help people come in complete harmony with the universe, outside and within.

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