Carbon Capture
Nature Based Solutions

Planet One Carbon Capture: Nature Based Solutions

Planet One Carbon Capture initiative through Nature Based Solutions (NbS) is a concerted effort to address societal challenges that involve working with nature through an integrated approach towards twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, while supporting sustainable development by all possible means.
Our nature-based solutions include conservation initiatives that avoid emissions associated with deforestation, reforestation projects and mangrove restoration projects that involve replanting or increasing the diversity of plants in an existing mangrove forest. Our focus on mangrove conservation is basically due to the fact that the powerhouse of carbon sequestration has been threatened by deforestation for decades, as agriculture and aquaculture, urban development and harvesting have caused the loss of 50% of the world’s mangrove just in past half century.

Some of the focus areas of Planet One Carbon Capture NbS initiatives are

Blue Carbon
projects harness coastal and marine ecosystems for carbon sequestration while supporting ocean biodiversity conservation, protecting coastlines, and supporting the livelihoods of coastal communities.
Forest Conservation
to reduce emission from deforestation and forest degradation, protect forest and the biodiversity within them.
Afforestation / Reforestation
to plant trees to create new carbon sinks either by reforesting recently cleared land or afforestation of long degraded lands.
Improved Forest Management
to target existing commercial forests to adopt more sustainable practices.
to restore wetland ecosystems, benefiting biodiversity and local water sources as well as reducing emissions from drained and damaged wetlands.
Soil Carbon and Agriculture
to reduce emissions from soil degradation and food production while promoting sustainable agriculture practices.
to conserve and restore prairies, plains and savannahs which support life on land goal by reducing rates of degraded land cover.